Owners Without an RFID Card: Register for Ski Privileges

If you are a new owner or if you did not have an RFID card from the 2020/2021 season, you will register with a new account in order to obtain an RFID card.

Members of Masthope Mountain Community in good standing receive complimentary skiing for themselves by signing a waiver of liability at the start of each season. Every year, all Property Owners must re-register for these privileges. If you do not yet have an RFID card, follow the directions below to register for the first time.


The following step by step instructions are designed for new Property Owners or for owners who do not yet have an RFID card. If you already have an Owner RFID card, please click here for information on how to re-register. If you are not a Masthope Property Owner, please click here instead to visit our online store to make ticket and pass purchases.


  • ANYONE 18 AND OLDER: Any Masthope member 18 years old and older will need to create their own account with their own email address. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER. (This registration link is for Masthope Property Owners only.)
  • TO REGISTER CHILDREN UNDER THE AGE OF 18: The parent/guardian of the children will create an account for themselves with their email address, and will then add children to their account under "Party Member." CLICK HERE TO REGISTER. (This registration link is for Masthope Property Owners only.)

The registration screen will ask for a webcode. Please leave this field BLANK. Ensure all other requested information is filled in, including the password field. You are creating an account that will be used to renew cards again for future seasons.

Once you complete registration, click the "Continue" button, then click "View Group Products." (Shown Below)

STEP 2: After selecting "View Group Products," the following screen will display. Click the cart icon to add the RFID ski privilege card to your cart.

STEP 3: The following screen will then display. Select yourself under "Party Member," then click the "Add to Cart" button.

STEP 4: The following screen will display. Click "Continue Shopping" to add children under the age of 18 to your account (if applicable.) If you are just registering yourself, you can click "Go to Cart" to checkout (Jump to STEP 9.)

STEP 5: If applicable, add children under the age of 18 to your account by clicking "Add new party member."

STEP 6: After selecting "Add new party member," the following screen will appear. Click on "I DON'T HAVE A PASS."

STEP 7: The following screen will display (below). Fill in the requested information for your child/dependent. Your email should be provided, so you (the parent or guardian) can sign a waiver of liability on the minor's behalf. You do not have the ability to change a user's email on file once it has been entered. If there is an error with the email on file for a specific person, please EMAIL bigbear@ski-bigbear.com to correct it.

Select this member's relationship to you, (child or dependent), then click "Continue" to add them to your cart.

STEP 8: Repeat the process outlined in the steps above for each child under the age of 18 in your family. Once you have added everyone, click "Go to Cart."

STEP 9: The following screen will appear. Next, click "Checkout."

STEP 10: In the checkout process, the store will ask you to review the items in your cart, your information and your address. Once you reach the "Waivers" tab, you will be asked to sign waivers for yourself as well as any children or dependents under the age of 18 that you have added to your account (if applicable.) In this section, you will also be asked to provide your Masthope LOT NUMBER.

STEP 11: Once all required waivers are signed, click "Next" to continue. A payment screen will appear. Since there is no charge for ski privileges, simply click to continue on. On the final screen, you will be asked to review and confirm your order. If everything is accurate, click the "Next" or "Continue" button to complete your registration. Once registration is complete, you will receive an email confirmation. All submissions for ski privileges will be verified by the POC office to ensure all owners are in good standing. Passes can be picked up at the Property Owners Office during regular business hours. Please allow 72 hours to process your passes.

IMPORTANT: Passes lacking an appropriate photo or liability signature are considered incomplete and will not be available/activated until corrected. Please make sure you have a photo uploaded of yourself under "My Account." For children or dependents that are added to your account, you must email us their photo at bigbear@ski-bigbear.com so we can add it to their card/profile.


To view your account information and information for other party members tied to your account, click the "My Account" icon in the top right corner of the online store.

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